Who I am and where I’ve been.

Finding inspiration in New York and other extraordinary places.

     I have always had an insatiable curiosity about foreign cultures and an adventurous spirit. This made me anxious from a young age to break away from my hometown of Detroit. The opportunity for me to do that came when I joined the United States Army. First I traveled across the US… and then I was stationed in Kosovo, what would be my first taste of life outside the states. Experiencing the intoxicating foreign sights, sounds and food made me feel more alive than I ever felt before. I met friendly, engaging people and thirsted for more travel, culture and exhilarating sights.

     New York City attracted me like a magnet with its reputation for rich culture and colorful diversity. As soon as I finished my tour of duty, I packed up my bags and headed to the big city to study journalism. I made the most out of time between semesters by jumping on every flight I could afford. Each trip to another country made my passion for travel even stronger. I danced in the streets of Rio De Janeiro for Carnival, spent a summer working in Uganda as a literacy volunteer, and even bungee jumped over the Nile. A month in Greece gave me sunsets over the volcano of Santorini, walks among the ancient ruins of Crete and parties that lasted until the sunrise in Mykonos. Life in the Mediterranean was like experiencing another world that I could never have imagined, and soon I embarked on a train trip through Italy where I gazed at the wonders of the Sistine Chapel in Rome, walked the medieval streets of Palermo and made new friends in Venice. A trip to Spain revealed the wonders of the Alhambra and the whimsy of Gaudi, the passion of Flamenco and the pleasure of eating tapas in Madrid.

     Returning to Africa, I saw Lucy’s bones in Ethiopia, wildebeest in Kenya and camped under the big African sky. My travels have given me a new connection to humanity’s past and its present; the cultures I have explored taught me more than anything I could get from a textbook. I have realized that sharing my travel experiences and inspiring others to have similar adventures is my greatest joy. – Will 

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  1. Hi,

    It’s an hour after meeting you today on the set of NURSE JACKIE! The little you shared about yourself this evening is intensified after reading what you’ve described about yourself on this site.

    Continue to follow your passion, you never know where this journey will take you. I’m inspired by what you’ve accomplished thus far. Especially, traveling to foreign places. Traveling is also my passion, although it pales against your adventures (smile).

    I have an early rise again tomorrow, so I must get some sleep. However, I will revisit your site again. I saw your construction video. The quality is crisp and beautiful.

    Looking forward to chatting with you some more. May you continue to be blessed, as you’re guided to share what inspires you! Imagine what a wonderful world this would be if ALL mankind creates through love instead of hatred and destruction. May the Light always surround you and shine through you! Be your best!!!

    Until… take care!


  2. Hey,

    It was so good to meet you yesterday! Thanks so much for your advise and info… I checked out your blog and looked at the Frank Gehry video which was excellent! Your work is first rate and very professional. I look forward to staying in contact with you and checking out your future posts… Be well and keep in touch!

    See you,


  3. Dear Mr. Bradford:

    After viewing your videos you make me want to pick-up and travel the world. This has always been one of my dreams although I wanted to travel via-ocean and land of course but your videos are so informative of places you’ve traveled. I live in NYC but you educated me on the transformation of Times Square and the music you added to the background couldn’t be more complementing. I enjoyed your work so keep on doing what you do best always!!!

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