The Enchantment Of Paris In Spring

Le Jardin des Plantes

© 2015

Paris is an amazing city filled with attractions and wonderful sights that delight the eyes. It is also one of the most visited travel destinations in the world, with a record 33 million foreign visitors in 2012. In the Spring, when the weather is pleasant and flowers are in full bloom, the city really comes alive…

Experiencing the beauty of Les Jardin des Plantes (the botanical garden) in Paris during spring is absolutely breathtaking. The park, which is situated on the left bank of the river Seine has a labyrinth that is great for strolling. Les Jardin des Plantes

7 Bryant Square Nears Completion

7_bryant_park, reed_and_partners, pei_cobb_freed_partners_architects
© 2015

7 Bryant Park, the sexy new skyscraper shaped like an hour glass at the corner of its namesake, is nearing completion for 2015. The building is close to securing its first tenant, a law firm by the name of Reed and Partners. The company is expected to take no less than 160,000 square feet of occupancy, or 30% of the building. The Bank of China is also eyeing tenancy in the building. It was designed by Pei Cobb Freed & Partners Architects, and will reach 30 stories and 471,000 square foot when complete.

Frozen Fountain at Bryant Park

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Those brave enough to face the freezing cold weather in New York City will discover a magical scene at Bryant Park. The Josephine Shaw Lowell fountain is completely frozen. Two years ago, the Bryant Park Conservancy had heaters installed in the plumbing chamber. The water can flow all through the winter, creating a cascade of ice that makes the perfect addition to the ambiance of the Winter Village and ice rink. See the video above.

World’s Largest Billboard Debuts In NYC

times square worlds largest billboard google

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The world’s largest LED display was recently unveiled in Times Square. It’s over 25,000 square feet in size and spans the whole block. The first advertiser to rent the billboard is Google. I went to check it. Honestly, I think Google could have done a better job with the graphics to really capitalize on the size of this screen instead of the animation and cartoony scoreboards that occupy the display now. Let’s hope that future ad campaigns on this  billboard give the masses in Times Square something more dramatic.

Old School East Village Still Survives

trash and vaudeville

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It was just announced that the St. Marks Hotel will be replacing its historic building with something new, glassy, and expensive; one more corner of the East Village will lose its edge. It’s good to see that Trash and Vaudeville is still in business, next door at 4 St. Marks Pl., at Third Ave.

search and destroy

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Search and Destroy is another hold out from the days when the neighborhood was an epicenter of countercultural cool.