Old School East Village Still Survives

trash and vaudeville

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It was just announced that the St. Marks Hotel will be replacing its historic building with something new, glassy, and expensive; one more corner of the East Village will lose its edge. It’s good to see that Trash and Vaudeville is still in business, next door at 4 St. Marks Pl., at Third Ave.

search and destroy

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Search and Destroy is another hold out from the days when the neighborhood was an epicenter of countercultural cool.

Washington, DC : Our Capital Has Charm

adams morgan neighborhood, washington dc, adams morgan washington dc restaurants, adams morgan hotels

© 2014 Will Bradford

Adams Morgan is a culturally diverse and vibrant neighborhood in Washington, DC. Along 18th street, you can find delicious ethnic cuisine, sidewalk cafes and eclectic boutique stores. Adams Morgan

 Connecticut Avenue, connecticut avenue restaurants, connecticut avenue, farragut square, k street, downtown washington, dupont circle, row houses,  connecticut avenue lines,

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Washington, DC’s Connecticut Avenue, strip between Farragut Square and Dupont Circle is filled with beautiful row houses. Dupont Circle