These videos are based on some of my travels as well as my home city of New York.

Springtime in Paris

Experience the enchantment and sparkle of Paris in spring.

Move To The Beat Of London: People, Sights and Rhythm.

Step into London

Coney Island Mermaid Parade

See the 33rd Annual Mermaid Parade at Coney Island in action.

NYC Halloween Craziness!

Experience the NYC Village Halloween Parade.

Ivete Sangalo: If You Don’t Know Her, You Should!

French festival of music, dancing, food and wine.

Jaunt around the Greek islands.

Paris, France: Be delighted by treasures of The Louvre.

Enjoy a melange of world music and dance styles.

Dance through a rainbow of colors.

Check out vibrant graffiti along the streets of the Greek capital.

Relax to the colors and sounds of Fall in New York’s Central Park.

Experience Central Park transformed into an enchanted landscape.

Wear the future.

The spirit of the 1920’s comes alive…

Pause to enjoy music beneath the streets.

Greek island of cosmopolitan lifestyle and sophistication.

76 floors of shimmering beauty.

Greek island of Delos: ancient time capsule basking in the sun.

Sooth away stress with dreamy imagery of unspoiled Cretan beaches.

After 3000 years, Athens still feels youthful and hip.

Join the party that gets your body and soul rolling.

Be inspired by the renovation of a world renowned cultural treasure.

A grooving, fast moving look at the transformation of Times Square into a pedestrian zone, benefiting neighborhood businesses, city residents and visitors.